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Author: Cunha, Celso Ferreira da
Title: Estudos de versificaçao portuguesa (séculos XIII a XVI)
Date: 1982
Publication details: Civilizaçao Portuguesa 6, Paris: Fundaçao Calouste Gulbenkian/Centro Cultural Português, 1982.
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Commentary: Previously published under another title (see 1961). C. interests himself, among other matters, in the apparent oxytonic pronunciation of Maria in the refrain of CSM 70 (XVI-XVII), in the Occitan variant senher for senhor in CSM 25 (51-2), and in the use of oral and nasal vowels in rhyme position in CSM 340, 357, 385, and 221 (183-4). (Snow 2007) The cases of oral vs nasal rhyme are taken from the Valmar edition, and are eliminated in Mettmann's edition, with the exception of CSM 340.
Associated Poems: 25 - The Jewish Moneylender and the Christian Merchant
70 - Cantiga de loor
221 - King Fernando is Healed
340 - Cantiga de loor
357 - The Woman whose Face was Restored
385 - The Man who was Struck on the Head by a Stone
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