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Author: Collet, Henri, and Luis Villalba
Title: Contribution à l’étude des Cantigas d’Alphonse le Savant d’apres les codices de l’Escurial
Date: 1911
Publication details: Bulletin Hispanique 13 (1911), 270-90.
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Commentary: Notes from Snow 1977, no. 79: "A tripartite analysis - thematic, melodic, and rhythmic - of twelve of the CSM: 10, 40, 139, 270, 340, 38, 100, ll9, 124, 176, 186, and 189. The authors call for more flexibility of musical interpretation than their predecessor Aubry (1906). They admit that, musically speaking, Alfonso is not the composer of all of the CSM, and offer solid reasons for their opinion (for more on this, see Anglés, 1943, 1958). This study shows that the original contribution of the music of the CSM is the use of the musical refrain in a thematic manner. There is much evidence for the inclusion of local, popular melodies, and even the notation seems to be particularly Peninsular. In their small sample, the authors realize that words and music do not always blend harmoniously and that, in certain cases at least, it is possible to tell which preceded and gave shape to the other. These are very serious considerations confirmed in more detail by later studies in music and in versification of the CSM."
Associated Poems: 10 - Cantiga de loor
38 - The Bleeding Image of the Christ-Child
40 - Cantiga de loor
100 - Cantiga de loor
119 - The Judge who was Carried Away by Devils
124 - The Man who Survived Execution so he could Make his Confession
139 - The Boy who Offered Bread to an Image of the Christ Child
176 - The Captive in Majorca who was Freed from the Moors
186 - The Woman whose Mother-in-law Plotted her Death
189 - The Pilgrim Healed of Dragon’s Bane
270 - Cantiga de loor
340 - Cantiga de loor
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