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Author: Kennedy, Kirstin
Title: Alfonso’s Miraculous Book: Patronage, Politics, and Performance in the ’Cantigas de Santa Maria’
Date: 2004
Publication details: in ’The Appearance of Medieval Rituals: The Play of Construction and Modification’, eds. N. H. Petersen, M. B. Bruun, J. Llewellyn & E. Oestrem (Brepols), pp. 199-212
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Associated Poems: 1 - Cantiga de loor
2 - Hildefonsus of Toledo
122 - The Infanta who was Brought back to Life
209 - King Alfonso is Healed by the Virgin’s Book
235 - The Virgin’s Favours to King Alfonso
296 - St Dunstan’s Vision
299 - The Ivory Pendant
324 - The Statue that Cured a Mute
384 - The Monk who Wrote Mary’s Name in Three Colours
402 - Santa Maria nembre vos de mi
429 - Prologue
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