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Author: Keller, John Esten
Title: A Note on King Alfonso’s Use of Popular Themes in his Cantigas
Date: 1954
Publication details: Kentucky Foreign Language Quarterly 1 (1954), 26-31.
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Commentary: Notes from Snow 1977, no. 246rn"For the non specialist mainly. Brief resumés are given for CSM 141, 107, 258, 241, 18 and 128, all with folkloric content. One assumption, on p. 27, that the audience for Alfonso's Galician songs was unquestionably erudite, needs modification. There is also the suggestion that the comprehension of Galician-Portuguese in Alfonso's Castile was not very extensive beyond "men of letters", and this opinion clearly needs further documentation before it can be adopted."
Associated Poems: 18 - The Silkworms that Wove Veils
107 - The Jewish Woman who was Thrown from a Cliff
128 - The Peasant who Placed a Host in a Beehive
141 - The Old Monk whose Youth was Restored
241 - The Bridegroom who Fell to his Death
258 - The Woman whose Dough was Replenished
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