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CSM Number : 18
Short name: The Silkworms that Wove Veils Alternative: Silkworms weave veils
Incipit: Por nos de dulta tirar
Refrain: Por nos de dulta tirar/ praz a Santa Maria/ de seus miragres mostrar/ fremosos cada dia.
Summary of narrative
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Setting: Segovia Protagonist(s): Alfonso X and a female silk maker

A woman in Segovia kept silkworms.

Some of them died. She vowed to give a length of silk for a veil to adorn the statue of the Virgin on the altar.

The silkworms thrived, but the woman forgot her promise.

On the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin, while she was praying before the statue, she remembered her vow.

She rushed home and discovered that the silkworms had woven two veils.

King Alfonso took the most beautiful veil to his chapel to be displayed on holy days.

Metrical data
Stanza: 7 4\' 7 4\' 7 6\' 7 6\' Refrain: 7 6\' 7 6\'
No. of Stanzas: 9
Rhyme scheme: ABAB | cdcdabab Zejel:
MS locations:
T18, E18, To16
Poncelet reference
chapel (in castle), feast day, king, silk, silkworms, veil, heresy
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