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Author: Keller, John Esten
Title: Folklore in the Cantigas of Alfonso el Sabio
Date: 1959
Publication details: Southern Folklore Quarterly 23 (1959), 175-83.rnAdditional publ. details from Snow 2007: rpt in Collectanea Hispanica: Folklore and Brief Narrative Studies by John Esten Keller, ed. D.P. Seniff (Newark, DE: Juan de la Cuesta, 1987), 131-40.
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Commentary: Notes from Snow 1977, no. 272rn"K. establishes that many folkloric themes are present in the CSM through the inclusion of traditional tales such as those of cantigas 42 and 74. He considers tales of a more local provenance as prime material for Alfonso and his collaborators in the reworking of folk motifs, e.g. cantigas 18, 107, and 315. What is lacking here, I think, is a clearer line of demarcation between the folkloric motif used, as it were, subconsciously, and the recording of daily events and homely details which are more properly costumbrista in nature. Still, this is one of the first discussions of.folklore in the CSM and is worth consulting; it could be the starting point for more extensive explorations."
Associated Poems: 18 - The Silkworms that Wove Veils
42 - The Ring on the Finger of the Virgin’s Statue
74 - The Painter and the Devil
107 - The Jewish Woman who was Thrown from a Cliff
315 - The Child who Swallowed a Stalk of Wheat
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