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Author: Pedrell, Felipe
Title: Cancionero musical popular español
Date: 1918
Publication details: vol. I (Barcelona: Casa Editorial de Música Boileau, 1918), pp. 96-100 (text), 133-6 (examples); 3rd ed. (1958), pp. 104-8 (text), 133-6 (examples).
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 96: "P's own harmonizations of the refrains from CSM 221 and 256 and the refrains and melodies of 60 and 28. Records the anecdote of his meeting with Pierre Aubry and the repercussions of the encounter in Aubry's Iter Hispanicum (see 1906)."
Associated Poems: 28 - The Siege of Constantinople
60 - Cantiga de loor
221 - King Fernando is Healed
256 - Queen Beatriz is Healed
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