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Author: Fernández Núñez, Manuel F.
Title: Las canciones populares y la tonalidad medieval
Date: 1925
Publication details: Ciudad de Dios 138 (1924), 273-83, 342-52; 139 (1924), 33-38, 97-110, 353-60; 140 (1925), 102-13 (with music for Pr. B and cantigas 57 and 69); 141 (1925), 426-35; 142 (1925), 422-34; and 143 (1925), 134-45, 209-21. Rpt. in monographic form, with the same title, and subtitled "Aclaraciones de la obra 'Las Cantigas de Alfonso el Sabio escrita por D. Julián Rivera [sic]", El Escorial: Real Monasterio de El Escorial, [1931], 108 pp.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "A clear and sometimes bitter exposition of how often Ribera's 1922 volume on the CSM and its links to Arabic music is incorrect. Almost all of R.'s statements are held up to the light of critical analysis and found wanting. Perhaps the grossest error, according to this author, is R.'s rejection of ditonality in the CSM in favor of a non-existent chromatic scheme. Musicologists might take pleasure in this item but it is hard on others. Anglés [1926, p. 6, n. 5], while agreeing with the findings, generally, does encounter inexactitudes. See also Garnelo [1925]."
Associated Poems: 57 - The Robbed Pilgrims to Montserrat
69 - The Deaf-Mute who was Healed in Toledo
429 - Prologue
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