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CSM Number : 57
Short name: The Robbed Pilgrims to Montserrat Alternative: Pilgrims to Montserrat are Robbed
Incipit: Mui grandes noit’ e dia
Refrain: Mui grandes noit’ e dia/ devemos dar porende/ nos a Santa Maria/ graças, porque defende/ os seus de dano/ e sen engano/ en salvo os guia.
Summary of narrative
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Setting: Montserrat Protagonist(s): a female pilgrim to Montserrat

A woman and her companions were travelling on pilgrimage to Montserrat.

They stopped to rest at a spring.

They were robbed by a knight, named Reimundo, and his men.

The lady and her party asked the Virgin for vengeance and went to Montserrat to report the robbery.

The friars and the prior rode off and found the robbers paralyzed and struck blind. One of them had a chicken leg stuck in his mouth.

The friars took them to Montserrat, placed them in front of the altar, and prayed for them. The robbers were healed and vowed never to sin, nor to rob Christians again.

Metrical data
Stanza: 6’ 6’ 6’ 6’ 6’ 6’ 6’ 6’ 4’ 4’ 5’ Refrain: 6’ 6’ 6’ 6’ 4’ 4’ 5’
No. of Stanzas: 9
Rhyme scheme: ABABCCA | dedeffgfhha Zejel:
MS locations:
T57, E57, To72
Poncelet reference
blindness, maiming, monastery, monks, mute, noblewoman, paralysis, pilgrimage, prior, spring, thief/ thieves
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La notación mensural de la música monódica de la corte española del siglo XIII ofrece soluciones nuevas, hasta hoy totalmente desconocidas, para la interpretación estético-rítmica de las melodías de los trovadores
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