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Author: Ribera y Tarragó, Julián
Title: De música y métrica gallegas
Date: 1925
Publication details: Homenaje a Menéndez Pidal, III (Madrid: Hernando, 1925), 7-35; rpt. in R.'s Disertaciones y opúsculos, (Madrid: Impta. de E. Maestre, 1928), vol. II, pp. 89-132.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "On the heels of his claims to have demonstrated the Arabic origins of the music of the CSM [1922], as well as that of the troubadours and the trouveres (in his 1923-25 fascicles, La música andaluza medieval en las canciones de trovadores, troveros y minnesinger), R.'s syllogistic arguments now extend to the same pervasive influence for medieval Galician melodies, viz., those of Martin Codax as well as those used for Galician texts in the Cancionero de Palacio of much later date. Providing the basis for many of these claims are so-called Arabic-influenced melodies used by Alfonso in the confection of cantigas 46, 51, 62, 73, 108, and 128 (for Codax), or of nos. 67 and 200 (for the Cancionero de Palacio collection). This is thin argumentation and skimpy musical proof."
Associated Poems: 46 - The Moor who Venerated an Image of the Virgin Mary
51 - The Statue that Intercepted an Arrow
62 - The Boy whose Mother’s Prayers Freed him from Captivity
67 - The Man who had the Devil as his Servant
73 - The Stained Chasuble
108 - Merlin and the Jew
128 - The Peasant who Placed a Host in a Beehive
200 - Cantiga de loor
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