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CSM Number : 51
Short name: The Statue that Intercepted an Arrow Alternative: Arrow Intercepted [Orléans]
Incipit: A Madre de Deus/ devemos tẽer mui cara
Refrain: A Madre de Deus/ devemos tẽer mui cara/ porque aos seus/ sempre mui ben os ampara.
Summary of narrative
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Setting: Orleans, France Protagonist(s): the count of Count of Poitiers

The Count of Poitiers and his men laid siege to a castle in Orleans.

The defenders of the castle took a statue of the Virgin and placed it above the castle gate.

They prayed to the Virgin to save them from the attack.

One of the count’s men demanded that the gatekeeper open the gate. The gatekeeper (who had taken shelter behind the statue) refused, and was shot by the attacker.

He would have been wounded, but the statue of the Virgin raised its knee to intercept the arrow.

Seeing the miracle, the Count called off the attack, confessed his wickedness, and entered the city as a pilgrim. The arrow could not be removed from the statue and it never resumed its original pose.

Metrical data
Stanza: 15’ 15’ 5 7’ 5 7’ Refrain: 5 7’ 5 7’
No. of Stanzas: 12
Rhyme scheme: ABAB | ccdbdb [d=a in S1] Zejel:
MS locations:
T51, E51, To64
Poncelet reference
Est quoddam municipium Aurelianensi civitati proximum (501)
arrow, count , crossbow, gate, image (of Virgin Mary), Jews, knee, siege, warfare
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Miracle Collection
Arrow Intercepted [Orléans] Vincent de Beauvais
Orleans Gil de Zamora
(Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional, MS 9503)
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Arrow Intercepted [Orléans] Gautier de Coinci
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(Reims 1400)
Arrow Intercepted [Orléans] BL Mariale 5
(London, BL, Additional MS 15723, Collection 2, ff. 70-92)
Arrow Intercepted [Orléans] Jean Gobi
Arrow Intercepted [Orléans] Johannes Herolt
The Jew in the Cántigas of Alfonso X, el Sabio
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Sources of the Cantigas of Alfonso el Sabio [AC]
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