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Author: Burns, Robert I.
Title: The Cantigas, or ’Songs of Praise of St. Mary’
Date: 1971
Publication details: sub-section (pp. 1413-1431) of larger article "Christian-Islamic Confrontation in the West: The Thirteenth-Century Dream of Conversion", American Historical Review 76 (1971), 1386-1434; rpt following p. 318 (as part of "Portfolio of Thirteenth-Century Spanish Muslims") in Burns' Islam Under the Crusaders (Princeton: University Press, 1973).
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "An annotated portfolio of CSM selected to illustrate Moorish and Mudejar customs, artefacts, dress, and other cultural characteristics. The keynote here is the accuracy and realism of the depiction. Reproduced in black and white are CSM 46, 63, 83, 99, 95, 126, 167, 169, 181, 185, and 192."
Associated Poems: 46 - The Moor who Venerated an Image of the Virgin Mary
63 - The Knight who Missed the Battle
83 - The Prisoner who was Freed from the Moors
95 - The Hermit who was Captured by the Moors
99 - The Moors who Tried to Destroy an Image of the Virgin
126 - The Soldier who was Struck in the Face by an Arrow
167 - The Muslim Child who was Revived at Salas
169 - The Church at Arreixaca is Protected by the Virgin
181 - The Banner of the Virgin Defeats the Moors at Marrakesh
185 - The Statue that Defended a Castle
192 - The Muslim Servant
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