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Author: Ortiz de Zúñiga, Diego
Title: Annales eclesiásticos y seculares de la muy noble y muy leal ciudad de Sevilla
Date: 1677
Publication details: Madrid: Imprenta Real, por Juan García Infançón, 1677.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 3: "Here published, presumably for the first time, from the now lost Lucas Cortés copy (Bk II, p.132), are several of the CSM. In Book I, pp. 36 7 and 43-4, cantigas 221 and 256 relate illnesses of Fernando III and Beatriz, Alfonso's parents; these are historical and date, respectively, from 1209 and 1227. Book II, pp. 109 23, employs cantigas 257, 323, 292, and 324 for what they reveal of Seville's history. For 292 there is a Spanish translation and an explication of each of the twenty one strophes (116-21). This seems to be the first printed commentary on an Alfonsine poem. Z. accepts unquestioningly Pellicer's attribution to Alfonso of the two spurious strophes of the Querellas and prints them along with the apocryphal letter from Alfonso to his cormano, A. Pérez de Guzmán (II, pp. 123-4)."
Associated Poems: 221 - King Fernando is Healed
256 - Queen Beatriz is Healed
257 - The Virgin’s Relics are Preserved in Seville
292 - Master Jorge and the King’s Ring
323 - The Boy Revived at Coria
324 - The Statue that Cured a Mute
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