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Author: Álvarez Blázquez, José María
Title: Escolma da poesía medieval: 1198-1354
Date: 1975
Publication details: Col. Pombal, Série Poética, XV, Vigo: Ed. Castrelos, 1975, 62-73.
Snow ID: 369bis
Commentary: Snow 1977rn"This volume, entirely in Galician, is different from its 1952 forerunner in that there are three new poets and 30 new poems plus corrected and expanded biographical notes where appropriate. The glossary covers most of the more unusual words and the 8-page bibliography, while not complete, lists items as recent as 1974. The selection of Alfonsine texts remains unchanged: CSM 10, 103, 260, 351, 406 and CV 63, 73, and 79."
Associated Poems: 10 - Cantiga de loor
103 - The Monk who Listened to a Bird’s Song for Three Hundred Years
260 - Cantiga de loor
351 - The Wine Replenished at Arconada
406 - Cantiga de loor
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