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CSM Number : 148
Short name: The Knight who was Protected by a Linen Shift Alternative: Linen shift saves knight (Chartres)
Incipit: De mui grandes periglos
Refrain: De mui grandes periglos/ e de mui grandes maes/ guarda Santa Maria/ os que lle son leaes.
Summary of narrative
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Setting: Chartres Protagonist(s): a knight

The Virgin’s linen shift was stored in a chest at Chartres.

It was the custom for people to hold pieces of cloth against the relic and have shifts made to measure from the material.

A knight, wearing such a garment, was attacked by his enemies.

Although they tried to pierce him with lances, they were unable to wound him.

His squires raised the alarm and people came and discovered him alive.

His shift was found intact.

Metrical data
Stanza: 13' 13' 13' 13' Refrain: 13' 13'
No. of Stanzas: 8
Rhyme scheme: AA | bbba Zejel: Yes
MS locations:
T148, E148
Poncelet reference
Cum miles quidam, capitales quorundam inimicitias pertimescens (286)
blackberry, chest, invincibility , knight, lance, pilgrimage, shift (of Virgin Mary), warfare, enemy (confrontation with)
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Miracle Collection
Dou chevalier qui fu sauvé de mort a vie por ce qu'il avoit vestue des chemises de Chartres Jean le Marchant
(Chartres MS 1027)
Dou chevalier qui fu sauvé de mort a vie por ce qu'il avoit vestue des chemises de Chartres Chartres
(Rome, Vatican, MS Regina 339, ff. 55-69)
Los alejandrinos de Alfonso X
Hanssen, Friedrich
In Memoriam Alfonso X, in Honor of the Seven-Hundredth Anniversary of his Death: Cantiga 148
Keller, John Esten
Seeing is Believing: The Miniatures in the Cantigas de Santa Maria and Medieval Devotional Practices
Kennedy, Kirstin
Reliquias y relicarios
Laguna Paúl, Teresa
Viajeros y Peregrinos en las Cantigas de Santa Maria
Manzi, Ofelia, & Francisco Corti
El culto de las reliquias en las Cantigas de Santa María de Alfonso X el Sabio
Martín Ansón, Maria Luisa
Sobre tres pasajes estraños de las Cantigas de Santa María
Pensado Tomé, José Luis
Las Cantigas del Rey Sabio
Valera, Juan