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Author: Martín Ansón, Maria Luisa
Title: El culto de las reliquias en las Cantigas de Santa María de Alfonso X el Sabio
Date: 2011
Publication details: Espacio, Tiempo y Forma, Serie III, Historia Medieval, 24, pp. 185-218
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Associated Poems: 35 - The Clerics Saved from Pirates
61 - The Man who Scorned the Virgin’s Slipper
91 - The Healing of People Suffering from St Martial’s Fire
148 - The Knight who was Protected by a Linen Shift
257 - The Virgin’s Relics are Preserved in Seville
259 - The Squabbling Minstrels
304 - The Virgin’s Lamp
362 - The Blind Goldsmith whose Sight was Restored
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