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CSM Number : 222
Short name: The Chaplain who Swallowed a Spider Alternative: Spider in the chalice (Chelas)
Incipit: Quen ouver na Groriosa | fiança con fe comprida
Refrain: Quen ouver na Groriosa | fiança con fe comprida/ non lle nozirá poçõia | e dar-ll-á por sempre vida.
Summary of narrative
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Setting: a convent of nuns in Chelas [Portugal] Protagonist(s): a chaplain

In Portugal, near Lisbon, there is a convent of nuns called Chelas.

One time a chaplain was singing the mass there and as he was consecrating the elements, a large black spider fell into the chalice.

The chaplain hesitated for a moment, but trusting in the Virgin, he drank the wine, spider and all.

As soon as he had said the mass, the chaplain told the nuns and the prioress about the spider. The prioress was alarmed and ordered him to be bled, thinking he may have been poisoned.

An incision was made in his arm and the spider emerged from it alive.

The nuns marvelled at the miracle and showed the spider to many people.

Metrical data
Stanza: 15’ [7’ 7’] 15’ [7’ 7’] 15’ [7’ 7’] 15’ [7’ 7’] Refrain: 15’ [7’ 7’] 15’ [7’ 7’]
No. of Stanzas: 10
Rhyme scheme: AA | bbba Zejel:
MS locations:
F93, E222
Poncelet reference
blood-letting, chalice, chaplain, Eucharist, mass, nun, priest , spider, wine, convent
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