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Author: Martins, Mário
Title: Milagres e romarias portuguesas nas Cantigas de Santa Maria
Date: 1951
Publication details: Peregrinaçoes e Livros de Milagres na nossa Idade Média (Lisbon: Ediçoes Brotéria, 1951; 2nd ed., 1957), 71-87.rnBITAGAP no. refers to 2nd ed.
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Commentary: Notes from Snow 1977, no. 230: "No textual analysis is offered; rather, an attempt is made to use the relevant CSM to form a picture of the activities associated with the visitation of shrines and the making of pilgrimages. The results are a kind of rhymed chronicle utilizing cantigas 322 (for which a rendering into modern Portuguese is given), 238, 327, 342, 237, 399, 245 (and not CCXV as printed), 222, 369, 338, 277, 316, and 318. However, more dramatic force is obtained from the integrated view presented by the group of Santa Maria de Terena miracles: CSM 197-9, 223-4, 228, 275, 283, 319, 333, and 334. Most of these accounts reached Alfonso by word of mouth although at Évora (reported in cantiga 338) there seems to have been a book of the Virgin's miracles which is now unknown or else lost forever."
Associated Poems: 197 - The Possessed Boy who was Revived
198 - The Brawling Pilgrims
199 - The Man who Swallowed a Needle
222 - The Chaplain who Swallowed a Spider
223 - The Rabid Man
224 - The Girl who was Healed and Revived in Terena
228 - The Mule that Suffered from Gout
237 - The Murdered Prostitute
238 - The Blasphemous Minstrel
245 - The Hostage who was Released
275 - The Rabid Knights Hospitaller
277 - The Raiders who Fasted on Saturday
283 - The Priest who Scorned the Virgin
316 - The Jealous Priest who Committed Arson
318 - The Priest who Stole Silver from a Cross
319 - The Rabid Girl
322 - The Man who Choked on a Rabbit Bone
327 - The Priest who Made Underpants from an Altarcloth
333 - The Lame Man Healed at Terena
334 - The Farmer whose Wife Tried to Poison him
338 - The Blind Servant whose Sight was Restored
342 - The Image that was Discovered in a Block of Marble
369 - The Missing Ring that was Found in a Fish
399 - The Mother who Tried to Kill her Baby
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