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CSM Number : 71
Short name: The Nun who was Taught to Say her ’Aves’ Alternative: Eulalia
Incipit: Se muito non amamos
Refrain: Se muito non amamos/ gran sandece fazemos/ a Sennor que nos mostra/ de como a loemos.
Summary of narrative
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Setting: unspecified Protagonist(s): a nun

Everyday a nun recited an entire book of prayers and said a thousand “Ave Marias.” She wept and moaned as she recited her prayers and rushed through them.

One night, when she was lying in bed exhausted, the Virgin appeared to her.

The nun asked the Virgin to take her with her to Paradise and the Virgin assured her that she had a place there.

The Virgin told her not to be afraid and then showed her how to pray a proper prayer.

She told her to pray slowly and calmly without rushing and to say only a third of the prayers she had previously uttered.

The nun took the Virgin’s advice and from that time forth said “Ave Maria” slowly and carefully. When the nun died, God took her soul to heaven.

Metrical data
Stanza: 13' 13' 13' 13' Refrain: 13' 13'
No. of Stanzas: 13
Rhyme scheme: AA | bbba Zejel: Yes
MS locations:
T71, E71, To91
Poncelet reference
Amore divino succensa puella quaedam parvula, nomine Eulalia (73)
apparition, Ave Maria (saying of), convent, nun
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Miracle Collection
Eulalia Pez
Eulalia Phillips
(Chicago, University of Chicago, Phillipps MS 25142)
Eulalia Gautier de Coinci
Eulalia Mariale Magnum
(Paris Bibliothèque Nationale lat 3177)
Eulalia Bartholomew of Trent
(University of Bologna, Codice 1794)
Eulalia Vendôme Collection
(Vendôme, Bibliothèque Publique MS 185)
Eulalia Cornell Mariale
(Cornell, MS B.14)
Eulalia BL Mariale 1
(Cotton Cleopatra C.x., ff. 101-144v)
The Jew in the Cántigas of Alfonso X, el Sabio
Bagby, Albert
Sources of the Cantigas of Alfonso el Sabio [AC]
Dexter, Elise Forsythe
Los alejandrinos de Alfonso X
Hanssen, Friedrich
Osservazioni sulle Cantigas di Alfonso X e sui Miracles di Gautier de Coincy
Marullo, Teresa
Alfonso X, el rey sabio ¿tolerante con la minoría judía? Una lectura emblemática de las Cantigas de Santa Maria
Roitman, Gisela