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Author: Rodrigues, Maria Idalina Resina
Title: Os afazeres do demónio nas Cantigas de Santa Maria de Afonso X
Date: 1987
Publication details: Estudos Ibéricos da Cultura à Literatura. Séculos XIII a XVII. Lisboa: ICALP, 1987.
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Associated Poems: 3 - Theophilus
11 - The Drowned Sacristan
82 - The Demon Swine
119 - The Judge who was Carried Away by Devils
123 - The Dying Franciscan who Banished the Devils
125 - The Priest who Used Magic to Seduce a Maiden
182 - The Thief who was Brought back to Life
210 - Cantiga de loor
216 - The Knight who Pledged his Wife to the Devil
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