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Author: Jackson, Deirdre Elizabeth
Title: Saint and Simulacra: Images of the Virgin in the Cantigas de Santa María of Alfonso X of Castile (1252-1284)
Date: 2002
Publication details: PhD thesis. University of London. 2 vols. London, 2002.
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Associated Poems: 9 - The Icon of Sardonay
12 - The Image of Christ Reviled by the Jews of Toledo
18 - The Silkworms that Wove Veils
25 - The Jewish Moneylender and the Christian Merchant
121 - The Knight who Made Garlands for the Virgin’s Image
161 - The Vineyard that was Protected from Hail
162 - The Statue that Moved to the High Altar
219 - The Pulpit in the Cathedral of Siena
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