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CSM Number : 162
Short name: The Statue that Moved to the High Altar Alternative: Statue moves to High Altar
Incipit: As sas figuras muit’ onrrar
Refrain: As sas figuras muit’ onrrar/ devemos da Virgen sen par.
Summary of narrative
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Setting: Cañete Protagonist(s): a statue of the Virgin

A knight gave a statue of the Virgin to a church on the outskirts of Cañete, near the gate.

He placed it on the main altar and it remained there for a long time, performing many miracles.

When the bishop of Cuenca came there, he ordered the statue to be removed because he did not like the look of it.

A priest removed the statue from the altar, but the next day he found that it had resumed its former place.

Thinking someone had shifted the statue, the priest moved it once again and locked the church.

When he returned at dawn, he found the statue had returned to the main altar, and he showed it to those assembled for mass. Everyone praised the Virgin for the miracle and people came to worship and make offerings.

Metrical data
Stanza: 8 10 8 10 8 8 [S1-2] or 10 [S3-8] Refrain: 8 8
No. of Stanzas: 8
Rhyme scheme: AA | bcbcaa Zejel:
MS locations:
T162, E162, ToAppendix 06
Poncelet reference
altar, bishop, cross, entrance (barred), image (of Virgin Mary), mass, priest
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