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Author: Carpenter, Dwayne E.
Title: ’Alea jacta est’: at the gaming table with Alfonso the Learned
Date: 1998
Publication details: Journal of Medieval History 24 (1998), 333-45.
Snow ID: 1470
Commentary: Snow 2007rn"A panoramic and chronological view of Alfonso as a patron of the ludic arts. The emphasis here is on gambling and gamblers, and the perspectives range from the practical (control of royal revenue) to the pious (public morals), as seen in the Ordenamiento de las tafurerías, the laws of the Siete Partidas, and the accounts and portrayal of gamblers in the CSM. In the nine CSM that deal with gamblers (38, 72, 136, 154, 163, 174, 214, 238 and 294), the fact that most are blasphemers as well accounts for the lack of marian pity on them as the devils's carry them off."
Associated Poems: 38 - The Bleeding Image of the Christ-Child
72 - The Blasphemer who was Struck Dead
136 - The Gambling Woman who Threw a Stone at a Statue of the Virgin
154 - The Gambler who Fired an Arrow at the Heavens
163 - The Gambler who Renounced the Virgin
174 - The Knight who Cut out his Tongue
214 - The Gambler who Wagered a Church
238 - The Blasphemous Minstrel
294 - The Gambling Woman who Threw a Stone at a Statue of the Christ Child
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