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Author: Jackson, Deirdre Elizabeth
Title: Shields of faith: apotropaic images of the Virgin in Alfonso X's Cantigas de Santa MarĂ­a
Date: 1997
Publication details: RACAR. Revue d'Art Canadienne. 24.2 (1997): 38-46.
Snow ID: 1438
Associated Poems: 51 - The Statue that Intercepted an Arrow
99 - The Moors who Tried to Destroy an Image of the Virgin
169 - The Church at Arreixaca is Protected by the Virgin
183 - The Moors of Faro who Threw a Statue of the Virgin into the Sea
185 - The Statue that Defended a Castle
187 - The Monks of Jerusalem who were Saved from Famine
215 - The Moors who Failed to Destroy a Statue of the Virgin
289 - The Farmer who Reaped on the Feast of Saint Cyres
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