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CSM Number : 289
Short name: The Farmer who Reaped on the Feast of Saint Cyres Alternative: Farmer reaps on St Quírico's Feast (Atocha)
Incipit: Pero que os outros santos/ a vezes prenden vingança
Refrain: Pero que os outros santos/ a vezes prenden vingança/ dos que lles erran, a Madre/ de Deus lles val sen dultança.
Summary of narrative
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Setting: Atocha, near Madrid Protagonist(s): a farmer

A farmer was reaping on the feast day of St Quírico. He wore a straw hat to shield him from the sun, since he was working at noon.

When he grasped a sheaf of wheat, he found that he could not let it go. He was stuck like this as punishment for working on the St Quírico’s feast day. Likewise, he could not release the sickle that he grasped in his right hand. It was stuck fast like glue.

The people carried him home in that state and did not dare to resume reaping.

Soon they carried the farmer to Atocha and, in front of the altar of the Virgin, they begged her pardon.

The farmer himself prayed to the Virgin, weeping and asking her to forgive his sin.

The Virgin loosened his grip and took away his pain.

Metrical data
Stanza: 15' 15' 15' 15' Refrain: 15' 15'
No. of Stanzas: 7
Rhyme scheme: AA | bbba Zejel: Yes
MS locations:
F12a, E289, E396
Poncelet reference
confession (see also repentance), farmer, feast day, pain, paralysis, reaping, repentance (see also confession), Saint Quírico, sickle, tears
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