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Author: Della Corte, A., and G. Pannain
Title: Historia de la Música
Date: 1949
Publication details: Barcelona: Ed. Labor, 1950, 112-32. Trans. from the Italian, expanded and annotated by H. Anglés.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "Focusses on antecedents for Alfonso's musical court, i.e., Ramón Berenguer's court at Aix (1209-45), the Chronica adefonsi imperatoris, the troubadours and their early patrons, etc., and on the evolution of European mensural notation. Musical examaples given for popular dance melodies are CSM 179, 302, and 303, for the rondeau, CSM 279, and for the virelai, CSM 353. The 40 miniatures of musicians from B.I.2 are reproduced on pp. 126-32."
Associated Poems: 179 - The Lame Woman of Molina
279 - King Alfonso is Healed
302 - The Pickpocket at Montserrat
303 - The Statue that Spoke to a Naughty Girl
353 - The Boy who Offered Food to the Christ Child
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