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Author: Alfonso el Sabio
Title: Antología de prosa y verso. Versión moderna, introducción, notas y vocabulario de Alfredo Eduardo Fraschini
Date: 1967
Publication details: Col. Clásicos Huemul, 67, Buenos Aires: Librería del Colegio, 1967. Paper, 197 pp.
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Commentary: Snow 2007 "The 17-page introduction covers Alfonso's life, the legends (the Querellas included!), and the works (CSM on 18-19). Between pp. 107-38 are, from the CSM: Pro. B, 56, 94, 180, 195, and 256. The profane poems are represented by Lapa 20, 22, 2, 26, and the Spanish-language verse fragment "Senhora, por amor Deus" (= CBN 414). All the Galician poems are accompanied by Fraschini's Spanish translations, which now is the main point of interest in this anthology. The bibliography, notes and vocabulary are strictly for beginners only."
Associated Poems: 56 - The Monk who Recited Five Psalms Daily
94 - The Nun who Ran Away with a Knight
180 - Cantiga de loor
195 - The Girl Named Mary
256 - Queen Beatriz is Healed
429 - Prologue
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