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Author: Rodríguez, José Luis
Title: A propósito de la partícula per, intensiva o perfectiva en la lengua medieval gallego-portuguesa
Date: 1976
Publication details: Verba 3 (1976), 295-308.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "Treats of the homophonic confusion caused by the preposition per and the Latin intensifier or sign of completeness throughout the period of troubadouresque poetry in the Peninsula. Alfonsine works used as illustration include CSM 221, 6, 327, 267, and Lapa 17 ("Pero da Ponte, parou-se-vos mal"). The intensifier, associated especially with verb forms, is lost in the fourteenth century."
Associated Poems: 6 - The Murdered Chorister
221 - King Fernando is Healed
267 - The Merchant who Fell Overboard
327 - The Priest who Made Underpants from an Altarcloth
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