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CSM Number : 358
Short name: The Builders who were Supplied with Stone Alternative: Builders discover supply of cut stone
Incipit: A que as cousas coitadas
Refrain: A que as cousas coitadas/ d’ ajudar muit’ é tẽuda/ non vos é gran maravilla/ se x’ ela a si ajuda.
Summary of narrative
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Setting: Santa Maria do Porto Protagonist(s): an unnamed builder and Ali, the master builder of the Church of Santa Maria do Porto

The builders of the Church of Santa Maria do Porto had been working for fifty days. They were laying the foundation and needed many stones.

Because of bad weather, they could not transport by sea the small stones they required.

One of the builders told the master builder, Ali, that he had found a stone of suitable size.

He showed it to him and they dug it up. It was square, not round, and when they dug some more, they found plenty of other ones like it.

Building progressed rapidly, and soon the walls of the church could be seen from a great distance. The walls and towers were constructed, giving the people a place to take refuge, since they had had none before.

Although Ali was a Moor, he realised that the Virgin had guarded those stones like a great treasure and everyone praised her.

Metrical data
Stanza: 15' 15' 15' 15' Refrain: 15' 15'
No. of Stanzas: 7
Rhyme scheme: AA | bbba Zejel: Yes
MS locations:
Poncelet reference
builders, church (construction of) , gold, image (of Virgin Mary), king, mason, Muslims/Moors, sea, stone (blocks of), storm, tower (construction of), treasure, wall
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