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Author: Hisan, Pedro (pseud.) [ = Sancho de Sopranís, Hipólito]
Title: Los orígenes del culto de Santa María del Puerto, 1255-1500
Date: 1935
Publication details: Guión (Jerez de la Frontera), no. 16, pp. 34; no. 17, pp. 19-20; no. 18, pp. 1-2, no. 19, pp. 1-2; no. 20, pp. 4-5 (all 1935). Author = Sancho de Sopranís, Hipólito according to BITAGAP
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 159 bis: "This article in five parts, despite the dates in its title, covers only the period of Alfonso's reign. The first part explicates CSM 328 as showing Alfonso's predilection for Puerto de Santa María, since documents show that this cantiga has much historical accuracy. The second part takes up the Military Order of Santa Maria de España which Alfonso founded and which had one of its four bases in Puerto de Santa María (see also Pérez Villamil [1806], and Menéndez Pidal [1907]). Alfonso's special patronage of the city is developed in part three, through the texts of CSM 358, 364, and 367. The latter poem is fully explicated in part four, which also implies that Alfonso was sole author of the CSM. The last part lists 22 CSM written by Alfonso as the 'juglar' of Puerto de Santa María: 328, 356-9, 364, 366-8, 371-2, 375-9, 381-2, 385, 391, 393, and 398 (he omits two others, 389 and 392). See also item 163, below."
Associated Poems: 328 - The Town of Alcanate is Renamed Porto do Santa Maria
356 - The Builders who were Supplied with Wood
357 - The Woman whose Face was Restored
358 - The Builders who were Supplied with Stone
359 - The Youth who was Freed from the Moors
364 - The Tower that Collapsed
366 - Don Manuel Recovers his Lost Falcon
367 - King Alfonso is Healed in Seville
368 - The Woman who Coughed up a Snake
371 - The Woman who Survived a Shipwreck
372 - The Rabid Woman
375 - The Scribe whose Horse was Healed
376 - Don Manuel’s Ring
377 - The Virgin Helps Pedro Lourenço Receive his Reward
378 - The Bleeding Girl who was Healed
379 - The Attack of the Catalan Pirates
381 - The Boy Revived at Santa Maria do Porto
382 - The Nobleman’s Reward
385 - The Man who was Struck on the Head by a Stone
389 - Master Pedro’s Son is Healed
391 - The Lame Girl Healed by Santa Maria do Porto
392 - The Thief who Swore Falsely
393 - The Rabid Boy
398 - The Wolves that Guarded Sheep
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