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CSM Number : 43
Short name: The Boy Revived at Salas Alternative: Child revived (Salas)
Incipit: Porque é Santa Maria/ leal e mui verdadeira
Refrain: Porque é Santa Maria/ leal e mui verdadeira/ poren muito ll’ avorrece/ da paravla mentireira.
Summary of narrative
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Setting: Salas (in Huesca) Protagonist(s): a man from Daroca, his wife and newborn baby

A man from Daroca had a wife who was infertile. She suggested that they go on a pilgrimage to Salas and ask the Virgin for a child. She promised the Virgin that if she had a child, she would give Her his weight in wax and offer him as a servant at the church at Salas.

The woman became pregnant and gave birth to a son, but did not keep her promise.

The boy, who was seven years old, contracted a fever and died.

The woman and her husband took the dead boy in a coffin to Salas where she laid him before the altar. She also brought the wax that she had originally vowed. Praying and moaning all night, she asked the Virgin to revive the boy.

Although the boy had been dead for six days, the Virgin caused him to cry out from his coffin and brought him back to life.

The people broke the coffin open and crowded around to witness the miracle.

Metrical data
Stanza: 15\' 15\' 15\' 15\' Refrain: 15\' 15\'
No. of Stanzas: 15
Rhyme scheme: AA | bbba Zejel: Yes
MS locations:
T43, E43, To56
Poncelet reference
burial, childbirth, children, ex-voto, fever, illness, infertility, pregnancy, resurrection, vigil, vow, wax, coffin
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Santa María de Salas en el Siglo XIII. Estudio sobre algunas Cantigas de Alfonso el Sabio
Aguado Bleye, Pedro
Entre Ave y Eva: las mujeres de las Cantigas de Santa María. I. Madres y mujeres casadas
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El planto en la historia y en la literatura gallega
Filgueira Valverde, José
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Menéndez Pidal, Ramón
Las cantigas de Alfonso el Sabio relativas a Santa Maria de Sala (Huesca)
Ubieta Arteta, Antonio