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Author: Fidalgo, Elvira
Title: Entre Ave y Eva: las mujeres de las Cantigas de Santa María. I. Madres y mujeres casadas
Date: 2021
Publication details: Revista de Filologia Románica, 38 (2021), 1-12
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Commentary: notes the scarcity of social categories applied to women, and surveys the protagonism of mothers and wives, always presented in the context of the idealised figure of the BVM.
Associated Poems: 5 - The Chaste Empress
17 - The Woman who Committed Incest with her Son
21 - The Barren Woman’s Son is Revived
34 - The Desecrated Image of the Virgin
43 - The Boy Revived at Salas
64 - The Woman who could not Remove her Slipper
68 - The Wife and the Mistress
114 - The Mother whose Son was Beaten
115 - The Boy whose Parents Dedicated him to the Devil
132 - The Clerk of Pisa
142 - The Huntsman who was Rescued from Drowning
146 - The Man whose Eyes and Hands were Restored
168 - The Child Revived at Salas
171 - The Drowned Boy
186 - The Woman whose Mother-in-law Plotted her Death
212 - The Stolen Necklace
216 - The Knight who Pledged his Wife to the Devil
224 - The Girl who was Healed and Revived in Terena
241 - The Bridegroom who Fell to his Death
314 - The Knight who was Punished for Blasphemy
341 - The Woman who Survived an Ordeal
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