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Author: Seniff, Dennis P.
Title: Birds of Prey and the Dry Textbook: King Alfonso’s Laws, Science, and Cantigas of the Hunt
Date: 1983
Publication details: North American Falconer's Association Journal 22 (1983), 78-83.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "Alfonso has the pre-1200 Book of Moamyn translated ca 1250, and parts of this seem to have influenced his views on hunting — presented here as a mixture of popular and scientific, and even theological, traditions. In CSM 142 the hunt is the subject of the narration, whereas in 4 and 44 the hunt is merely scenic accompaniment to the main narrative. Hunting terms are part of the verbal texture in 392 and 67. Other citations would have to include: CSM 232, 243, 352, and 366. Five panels from CSM 44 decorate this study."
Associated Poems: 4 - The Murdered Jewish Boy
44 - The Knight whose Goshawk was Returned by Santa Maria de Salas
67 - The Man who had the Devil as his Servant
142 - The Huntsman who was Rescued from Drowning
232 - The Knight whose Goshawk was Returned by Santa Maria de Vilasirga
243 - The Huntsmen who were Trapped under Ice
352 - The Moulting Goshawk
366 - Don Manuel Recovers his Lost Falcon
392 - The Thief who Swore Falsely
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