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Author: Fernández Pousa, Ramón, ed.
Title: Alfonso X, el Sabio: Cantigas de ’loor’ de Santa Maria. Edición crítica e introduccíon
Date: 1958
Publication details: Compostellanum 3 (1958), 71-162.
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Commentary: Notes from Snow 1977, no. 268: Forty three loores are included, one of which (prol. B) is not a loor at all. There is a list of rhyme schemes on p.76 but in a few cases (cantigas 20, 30, 40, 180, 320, and 409) these schemes do not correspond to F.P.'s edition. Poems do not carry numbers. His line numbers do not correspond to those of any other edition, and the frequent use of slash marks makes the poems less readable. No criteria for the edition are ever presented, and F.P. never says which editions of MSS he uses. These and other faults make the work hard to consult. Far easier to use and more reliable overall is Mettmann's edition (1959-72); F.P.'s edition is thus quite expendable. See Rubio Álvarez (1960)."
Associated Poems: 10 - Cantiga de loor
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30 - Cantiga de loor
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320 - Cantiga de loor
409 - Cantiga de loor
429 - Prologue
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