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Author: Ribera y Tarragó, Julián
Title: Valor de la música de las Cantigas
Date: 1921
Publication details: Discursos leídos ante S.M el Rey (23 de nov. de 1921) ... para conmemorar el VII centenario del nacimiento del rey Don Alfonso el Sabio (Madrid: Tip. de la Revista de Archivos, 1921), pp. 7-20. Rpt. in the author's Disertaciones y opúsculos, II (Madrid: Impta de Estanislao Maestre, 1928), pp. 3-16.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 106: "An introd. to modern versions of the music of CSM 1, 30, 68, 118, 124, 174, 184, 242, 322, and 391, reconstructed by the author and harmonized by Tomás Bretón Hernández. Although Arabic music is not recorded in moderm notation until the sixteenth century, Ribera argues that Arabic melodies that Alfonso heard in his youth must have been the inspiration of the music of the Cantigas. Even more extraordinary is the further claim that Arabic music was also the source of the regional music of Aragon, Asturias, and, ultimately, of medieval music throughout Europe. See also Riaño (1887)."
Associated Poems: 1 - Cantiga de loor
30 - Cantiga de loor
68 - The Wife and the Mistress
118 - The Stillborn Child who was Revived at Salas
124 - The Man who Survived Execution so he could Make his Confession
174 - The Knight who Cut out his Tongue
184 - The Baby who was Born through a Wound in his Mother’s Side
242 - The Stonemason who was Held up by his Fingertips
322 - The Man who Choked on a Rabbit Bone
391 - The Lame Girl Healed by Santa Maria do Porto
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