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Author: Anglés, Higinio
Title: La música de las Cantigas de Santa María del rey Alfonso el Sabio. Facsímil, transcripción y estudio crítico vol. III
Date: 1958
Publication details: Facsímil, transcripción y estudio crítico. Publicaciones de la Sección de Música, 15, 18 e 19. 3 vols. Barcelona: Biblioteca Central, 1943-64.rnAdditional publ. details from Snow 1977: Barcelona: Diputación Provincial, Biblioteca Central, 1958. In two parts, with 674 pp. of consecutive pagination, plus 98 independently paginated pp. of musical examples at the end of the second part.rnrn
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 266: "Part One offers full coverage of musical practices in the Peninsula from the very beginning of traceable history. In ch.3 (pp. 89-139), the poetic courts of Fernando III and Alfonso X are treated with deep scholarly insight. There is an important exposition of musical notation which leads A. to the assertion (the first ever) of how technically consistent are both the Escurial MSS (J.b.2 and T.j.1) in the treatment of mixed modes in their music. Chapter 5 is a brilliant demonstration of the variety of metrical patterns in the CSM by the distinguished Romanist Hans Spanke (it is in German but Spanish summaries are later supplied by A.); this ought, in the light of recent work on metrics, to be revised and updated. The loores are, for the first time, treated extensively as a subgrouping apart from the more narrative poems and some tentative conclusions about their special variety and technical freedom are given. Other musical types contemporaneous with the CSM are evaluated and the volume concludes with a series of tables which further analyse aspects of metrical and musical schemes. In sum, these are studies whose impact cannot be overlooked, even though they are, A. admits, not the final words to be said.rnPart Two contains comparative studies of Galician Portuguese, Italian, Provençal, and French musical cultures. Two pertinent sections are those dealing with the musical miniatures of the CSM (pp. 453-7) and with the Virgin Mary in medieval music (pp. 459-81).rnThe final section, paginated separately, is a kind of anthology of musical examples of all the groups mentioned above as well as some from the CSM. The latter include: 60, 78, 93, 97, 108, 112, 115, 129, 134, 138, 141, 150, 157, 161, 162 (two variants), 171, 176-7, 180, 182-3, 187, 196, 203, 206, 210, 212, 239-40, 246, 254, 283, 294, 301, 339-40, 367, 401, and also (I here give A.'s numbers with the corresponding Mettmann nos in parenthesis) from App. I, nos. 2 (412), 5 (415), 6 (416), 10 (420), 11 (421), and, from App. II, 3 (425), 7 (403), 9 (405), and 10 (407).rnAn extensive bibliography is contained in the voluminous notes. Each chapter has its own bibliography and the items in these are occasionally annotated. For the other vols of this study see 1943 and 1964."
Associated Poems: 60 - Cantiga de loor
78 - The Slandered Man who was Spared from Burning
93 - The Leper who was Healed by the Virgin’s Milk
97 - The Slandered Man who was Exonerated
108 - Merlin and the Jew
112 - The Ship whose Crew and Cargo were Preserved
115 - The Boy whose Parents Dedicated him to the Devil
129 - The Soldier who was Struck in the Eye by an Arrow
134 - The Outbreak of St Martial’s Fire in Paris
138 - John Chrysostom’s Vision
141 - The Old Monk whose Youth was Restored
150 - Cantiga de loor
157 - The Pilgrims to Rocamadour whose Meal was Stolen
161 - The Vineyard that was Protected from Hail
162 - The Statue that Moved to the High Altar
171 - The Drowned Boy
176 - The Captive in Majorca who was Freed from the Moors
177 - The Man whose Eyes were Restored
180 - Cantiga de loor
182 - The Thief who was Brought back to Life
183 - The Moors of Faro who Threw a Statue of the Virgin into the Sea
187 - The Monks of Jerusalem who were Saved from Famine
196 - The Pagan Priest
203 - The Woman whose Meal was Replenished
206 - Pope Leo who Cut off his Hand
210 - Cantiga de loor
212 - The Stolen Necklace
239 - The Man who Swore a False Oath
240 - Cantiga de loor
246 - The Woman who could not Enter a Church
254 - The Monks who Abandoned their Monastery
283 - The Priest who Scorned the Virgin
294 - The Gambling Woman who Threw a Stone at a Statue of the Christ Child
301 - The Squire who was Freed from Prison
339 - The Fish that Plugged a Hole in a Ship
340 - Cantiga de loor
367 - King Alfonso is Healed in Seville
401 - Petiçon
403 - Cantiga de loor
405 - The Image of the Virgin that was Unveiled Each Saturday
407 - The Man Blinded for his Blasphemy
415 - The Feast of the Annunciation (25 March)
420 - Processional for the Feast of the Assumption (15 August)
421 - Recordare
425 - Resurrection: The Three Marys
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