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Author: Fournier d’Albe, Edmond
Title: Les Miracles de Notre Dame de Roc Amadour au XIIe siècle. Texte et traduction d’aprés les manuscrits de la Bibliothèque Nationale
Date: 1907
Publication details: Paris: H. Champion, 1907.
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Commentary: Notes from Snow 1977, no. 74: "MSS 12593, 16565, and 17491 from the Bib. Nat. (Paris) provide 126 miracles associated with Rocamadour in France. Eight similar accounts appear in the CSM: 8, 147, 153, 157, 158, 159, 214, and 343. Useful item for students of sources of Alfonsine poetry."
Associated Poems: 8 - The Minstrel of Rocamadour
147 - The Talking Sheep
153 - The Reluctant Pilgrim Carried to Rocamadour
157 - The Pilgrims to Rocamadour whose Meal was Stolen
158 - The Knight who was Freed by the Virgin and led to Rocamadour
159 - The Pilgrims to Rocamadour whose Meat was Stolen
214 - The Gambler who Wagered a Church
343 - The Girl who Said Offensive Things
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