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Author: Negri, Manuel
Title: Afonso X e as Cantigas de Santa Maria localizadas en Galicia
Date: 2021
Publication details: Afonso X e Galicia, ed. Mercedes Brea and Pilar Lorenzo Gradín (Santiago de Compostela: Xunta de Galica, 2021), 479-506
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Associated Poems: 22 - The Wounded Farmer
26 - The Pilgrim to Santiago
77 - The Contorted Woman of Lugo
94 - The Nun who Ran Away with a Knight
103 - The Monk who Listened to a Bird’s Song for Three Hundred Years
104 - The Bleeding Host
175 - The Pilgrim to Santiago who was Wrongly Hanged
184 - The Baby who was Born through a Wound in his Mother’s Side
218 - The German Merchant who was Healed
253 - The Pilgrim’s Iron Staff
268 - The Lame Woman Healed at Vila Sirga
278 - The Blind Pilgrim to Santiago who was Healed at Vilasirga
304 - The Virgin’s Lamp
317 - The Squire who Assaulted a Girl
352 - The Moulting Goshawk
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