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CSM Number : 317
Short name: The Squire who Assaulted a Girl Alternative: Squire assaults girl
Incipit: Mal s’ á end’ achar
Refrain: Mal s’ á end’ achar/ quen quiser desonrar Santa Maria.
Summary of narrative
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Setting: the hermitage of Holy Mary of the Mountain in Galicia Protagonist(s): a squire

On the Virgin’s feast day in the middle of August, a great crowd of people went on pilgrimage to the hermitage of Holy Mary of the Mountain in Galicia.

A squire arrived and saw a girl he fancied. He tried to force himself on her, but she spurned his advances.

He seized her and tried to rape her, but she fled into the church.

The people came running when they heard her cries and she asked them to protect her from the squire. They quickly closed the doors of the church and prayed to the Virgin.

The squire was livid with rage and taunted the girl, saying that she would not get away. Then he raised his foot to kick the doors down.

However, Christ broke his leg and made him mute. He was a mad, maimed beggar for the rest of his life. The only words he could say were “Holy Mary.”

Metrical data
Stanza: 11 11 5 10' Refrain: 5 10'
No. of Stanzas: 13
Rhyme scheme: AB | cccb Zejel: Yes
MS locations:
F92, E317, To84
Poncelet reference
Assumption (feast of), beggars, blasphemy, entrance (barred), feast day, legs (injured or swollen), madness, mute, pilgrimage, rape, squire, vigil
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