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Author: Baraut i Obiols, Cebrià
Title: Les Cantigues d’Alfons el Savi i el primitiu Liber Miraculorum de Nostra Dona de Montserrat
Date: 1949
Publication details: Estudis Romànics 2 (1949-50), 79-92.
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Commentary: Notes from Snow 1977, no. 216: "Treats the possibilities of both written and oral development of the six CSM which record events in which the Black Virgin of Montserrat is featured: 48, 52, 57, 113, 302, and 311. It is 48 and also 302 which may have utilized written sources, similar to those that Baraut discusses here. There is a misprint on p. 80: CSM 437 should read 347."
Associated Poems: 48 - The Stream that was Diverted for the Monks of Montserrat
52 - The Mountain Goats that Gave Milk to the Monks of Montserrat
57 - The Robbed Pilgrims to Montserrat
113 - The Falling Rock of Montserrat
302 - The Pickpocket at Montserrat
311 - The Pilgrim Struck by Lightning
347 - The Boy Revived at Tudia
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