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Author: Clarke, Dorothy Clotelle
Title: The Early Seguidilla
Date: 1944
Publication details: Hispanic Review 12 (1944), 211-22.
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Commentary: Notes from Snow 1977, no. 193: "C. notes how difficult it is, even from the definitions of the earliest commentators, to know exactly how the seguidilla as we now know it came to take recognizable shape. She suggests that a proto-form may have derived from popular song and may have included assonant and consonant rhyme both. She ventures the suggestion that the refrains of CSM 91, 93-5, 98, 110, 117-18, 137, 141-2, 211, 259, 298, and 370 show the seguidilla form, as does the entire composition of cantiga 134."
Associated Poems: 91 - The Healing of People Suffering from St Martial’s Fire
93 - The Leper who was Healed by the Virgin’s Milk
94 - The Nun who Ran Away with a Knight
95 - The Hermit who was Captured by the Moors
98 - The Sinful Woman who could not Enter a Church
110 - Cantiga de loor
117 - The Seamstress who Worked on the Sabbath
118 - The Stillborn Child who was Revived at Salas
134 - The Outbreak of St Martial’s Fire in Paris
137 - The Lustful Knight who was Made Impotent
141 - The Old Monk whose Youth was Restored
142 - The Huntsman who was Rescued from Drowning
211 - The Bees that Repaired the Paschal Candle
259 - The Squabbling Minstrels
298 - The Woman who was Exorcised at Soissons
370 - Cantiga de loor
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