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Author: Ferreiro Alemparte, Jaime
Title: Fuentes germánicas en las ’Cantigas de Santa Maria’ de Alfonso X el Sabio
Date: 1971
Publication details: Grial 31 (1971): 31-62.
Snow ID: 346
Commentary: Notes from Snow 1977: "This study, collating actual docs relating to Hispano-Germanic relations during the reigns of Fernando III and Alfonso X, speculates on similarities between some of Caesarius of Heisterbach's miracle narrations and others by Alfonso, specifically CSM 149, 156, 104, 128, and 208. A. furnishes a feasible and respectable route of diffusion for the former's Dialogus miraculorum (as well as for other of his works) and, in doing so, provides the means of probable contact between that collection and the CSM. Other cantigas dealing with Germany and/or Germans are nos 14, 218, 175, 95 and 42. This is a study which offers more than mere theorizations."
Associated Poems: 14 - The Monk of St Peter’s at Cologne
42 - The Ring on the Finger of the Virgin’s Statue
95 - The Hermit who was Captured by the Moors
104 - The Bleeding Host
128 - The Peasant who Placed a Host in a Beehive
149 - The German Priest who Doubted the Sacrament
156 - The Priest whose Tongue was Cut Out
175 - The Pilgrim to Santiago who was Wrongly Hanged
208 - The Heretic who Placed a Host in a Beehive
218 - The German Merchant who was Healed
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