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Author: Montero Santalha, José-Martinho
Title: A estrutura métrico-rimática da cantiga 100 das Cantigas de Santa Maria
Date: 2003
Publication details: No espaço lusófono: materiais e artigos, coord. Boris N. Komissarov, St Petersburg, University, 2003, pp. 220-232.
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Commentary: Edition and study of CSM 100, with editorial notes on CSM 91, 102, 187, 317, 407, 422. In each case M.S proposes to divide the refrain into shorter rhyming lines rather than long lines with internal rhyme
Associated Poems: 91 - The Healing of People Suffering from St Martial’s Fire
100 - Cantiga de loor
102 - The Priest who was Cast into a Pit
187 - The Monks of Jerusalem who were Saved from Famine
317 - The Squire who Assaulted a Girl
327 - The Priest who Made Underpants from an Altarcloth
407 - The Man Blinded for his Blasphemy
422 - Litany of the Day of Judgement
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