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Author: Chico Picaza, María Victoria
Title: ’La Arquitectura desde la Miniatura’, una aproximación desde la Baja Edad Media castellana
Date: 2008
Publication details: Anales de Historia del Arte, 18, pp. 57-71
Snow ID: 1901
Associated Poems: 8 - The Minstrel of Rocamadour
10 - Cantiga de loor
23 - The Woman whose Wine was Replenished
35 - The Clerics Saved from Pirates
39 - The Fire at Mont Saint-Michel
70 - Cantiga de loor
74 - The Painter and the Devil
85 - The Jew who was Delivered from Thieves
89 - The Jewish Woman who was Helped in Childbirth
103 - The Monk who Listened to a Bird’s Song for Three Hundred Years
107 - The Jewish Woman who was Thrown from a Cliff
133 - The Girl who Drowned in a Ditch
143 - The Drought in Jerez de la Frontera
151 - The Priest who Renounced his Mistress
169 - The Church at Arreixaca is Protected by the Virgin
176 - The Captive in Majorca who was Freed from the Moors
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