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Author: Anglés, Higinio
Title: La notación mensural de la música monódica de la corte española del siglo XIII ofrece soluciones nuevas, hasta hoy totalmente desconocidas, para la interpretación estético-rítmica de las melodías de los trovadores
Date: 1939
Publication details: discourse delivered by proxy to the American Musicological Society of New York (Sept., 1939).
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 170: "The text, so far as I know, has not been preserved but the information is incorporated into Anglés's full study of this question (1958). The illustrations for the lecture were preserved and printed (Barcelona: A. Boileau y Bernasconi, 1939. 4 pp.). These include the J.b.2 notation of the incipits of CSM 179, 28, 10, 57, 2, 159, 292, 24, 303, 209, 353, and 47. It was through A.'s study of musical notation of the Alfonsine MSS that his decoding of the songs of the troubadours and the trouveres was made possible."
Associated Poems: 2 - Hildefonsus of Toledo
10 - Cantiga de loor
24 - The Clerk of Chartres
28 - The Siege of Constantinople
47 - The Devil who Appeared in the Shape of Three Beasts
57 - The Robbed Pilgrims to Montserrat
159 - The Pilgrims to Rocamadour whose Meat was Stolen
179 - The Lame Woman of Molina
209 - King Alfonso is Healed by the Virgin’s Book
292 - Master Jorge and the King’s Ring
303 - The Statue that Spoke to a Naughty Girl
353 - The Boy who Offered Food to the Christ Child
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