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Author: Torres Fontes, Juan
Title: La cultura murciana en el reinado de Alfonso X
Date: 1960
Publication details: Murgetana no. 14 (1960), 57-89.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "Section VI, "Poesía", discusses those of Alfonso's compositions which center in and around Murcia. In addition to the mention, in Prologue A, of Murcia, the author documents real events of both city and province which receive attention in CSM 169, 239, 126, 133, 211, 299 and 339. Some personalities associated with the area are Pedro Lourenço (CSM 377), Bonamic Zavila (375), D. Ramón de Rocafull (382), as well as others who may have accompanied Alfonso to Murcia on one or more of his visits there: Maria Balteira, Pedr'Amigo de Sevilha, Ponç juglar, Guiraut Riquier, Fray Pedro Gallego (Lapa 2), and Pedro Gomez Barroso."
Associated Poems: 126 - The Soldier who was Struck in the Face by an Arrow
133 - The Girl who Drowned in a Ditch
169 - The Church at Arreixaca is Protected by the Virgin
211 - The Bees that Repaired the Paschal Candle
239 - The Man who Swore a False Oath
299 - The Ivory Pendant
339 - The Fish that Plugged a Hole in a Ship
375 - The Scribe whose Horse was Healed
377 - The Virgin Helps Pedro Lourenço Receive his Reward
382 - The Nobleman’s Reward
428 - Title (Prologue A)
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