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Author: Keller, John E. and Robert W. Linker
Title: Las traducciones castellanas de las Cantigas de Santa María
Date: 1974
Publication details: Boletín de la Real Academia Española 54 (1974), 221-93.
Snow ID: 364
Commentary: Notes from Snow 1977rn"As the authors admit, these are not really translations (an exception is later found in the prose of cantiga 10), but rather a kind of exposition - using more ample texts as a basis - of the content of CSM 2-25. The Spanish prose is penned in the margin of Escurial MS T.j.l. This article gives an edition of the texts (see Chatham [1976]) and discusses one, CSM 11, at length. Two opinions offered us in the introduction are open to question: that Alfonso commissioned these Castilian summaries (p. 223), and that the aim was to make the contents more understandable to "ciertas capas de la sociedad española del siglo XIII" (p. 222)."
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