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Author: González, Jr., Juan
Title: La sociedad medieval española reflejada en la obra de Alfonso el Sabio
Date: 1969
Publication details: unpubl. diss., Univ. of Texas, 1969 316 pp. An abstract appears in Dissertation Abstracts International 30 (1969 1970), 3008A.
Snow ID: 330
Commentary: Snow 1977: "Various orders of medieval activity are taken up here, largely through information gleaned from the Siete partidas and, less richly, from the remaining Alfonsine works. CSM 24, 327, and 75 provide lively illustration for notes on clerical laxity (p. 29) while several show other religious customs (G. relies largely on Callcott [1923] and, in the chapter on nobility, on Guerrero Lovillo [1949]). On games and diversions, discussions include CSM 6, 238 ,174, 72, 136, and 294, and for the hunt there are illustrations from cantigas 352, 142, 243, and a few others. The author could have made better use of the CSM than he did and he could have been less derivative and more daring in his catalogues of categories of medieval life."
Associated Poems: 6 - The Murdered Chorister
24 - The Clerk of Chartres
72 - The Blasphemer who was Struck Dead
75 - The Rich Man and the Poor Widow
136 - The Gambling Woman who Threw a Stone at a Statue of the Virgin
142 - The Huntsman who was Rescued from Drowning
175 - The Pilgrim to Santiago who was Wrongly Hanged
238 - The Blasphemous Minstrel
243 - The Huntsmen who were Trapped under Ice
294 - The Gambling Woman who Threw a Stone at a Statue of the Christ Child
327 - The Priest who Made Underpants from an Altarcloth
352 - The Moulting Goshawk
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