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CSM Number : 34
Short name: The Desecrated Image of the Virgin Alternative: The Virgin's Image Insulted [latrine]
Incipit: Gran dereit’ é que fill’ o demo por escarmento
Refrain: Gran dereit’ é que fill’ o demo por escarmento/ quen contra Santa Maria filla atrevemento.
Summary of narrative
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Setting: Constantinople Protagonist(s): a Jew and a Christian

A beautiful image of the Virgin, painted on wood, hung in a street in Constantinople.

One night a Jewish man stole it, threw it down a latrine and defecated on it.

The devil killed him and he went to perdition.

Afterwards, a Christian retrieved the image. It gave off a very sweet fragrance, better than spices from “Ultramar”, balsam or unguent

The Christian washed it, set it up in his house, and made offerings to it for his salvation.

The image emitted a substance like oil to serve as a testimony of this event.

Metrical data
Stanza: 13’ 13’ 13’ 13’ Refrain: 13’ 13’
No. of Stanzas: 7
Rhyme scheme: AA | bbaa Zejel:
MS locations:
T34, E34, To36
Poncelet reference
Ad idem ubi supra legitur: In Cpoli civitate Iudaeus imaginem (20)
iconoclasts, image (of Virgin Mary), Jews, oil (exuded from image), spices, thief/ thieves, toilet
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Miracle Collection
The Virgin's Image Insulted [latrine] Phillips
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The Virgin's Image Insulted [latrine] Gil de Zamora
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The Virgin's Image Insulted [latrine] John of Garland
The Virgin's Image Insulted [latrine] Gautier de Coinci
The Virgin's Image Insulted [latrine] William of Malmesbury
The Virgin's Image Insulted [latrine] Adgar
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