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Author: Keller, John Esten
Title: Alfonso X, el Sabio
Date: 1967
Publication details: Twayne World Author Series, 12, New York: Twayne, 1967. 198 pp.rnrn
Snow ID: 315
Commentary: Snow 1977rn"Written primarily for the lay reader, this volume covers almost all phases of Alfonso's career and literary output. Ch. 5 deals with the CSM and ch. 6 with the secular poems. Topics treated briefly are Alfonso's personal involvement in the writing of the CSM, the reflection of daily living seen in selected texts and miniatures (cantiga 157 gets full treatment), versification schemes (modelled on the previous work of Clarke [1955]), and the music of the songs (based on Angl├ęs's work of 1943 and 1958). Cantigas singled out for discussion are 74, 29, and 107. K. also offers translations for sections of Prol. B and cantigas 5, 11, 40, 144, and 169.rnThe pages devoted to the profane poems offer less total coverage. Alfonso composed 46 secular poems, in whole or in part (see Tavani [1967]), but K. states there are scarcely more than thirty (p. 96). There are English translations of CV 75 and CB (MS) 456 (in full) and of CV 64, 76 and 69 (in part). There are also partial translations for two works which are in the CSM, nos 40 (CBN 409) and 406 (the claim that the latter translation is a full one is in error [pp. 108 9]). Alfonso's only Castilian poem, the fragment of CBN 414, is also translated. K. is right to stress Alfonso's versatility as a poet."
Associated Poems: 5 - The Chaste Empress
11 - The Drowned Sacristan
29 - The Images of the Virgin Mary at Gethsemane
40 - Cantiga de loor
74 - The Painter and the Devil
107 - The Jewish Woman who was Thrown from a Cliff
144 - The Fierce Bull that was Tamed
157 - The Pilgrims to Rocamadour whose Meal was Stolen
169 - The Church at Arreixaca is Protected by the Virgin
406 - Cantiga de loor
429 - Prologue
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